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atco comador b20 not b&s engine

morning guys i am rebuilding a Suffolk punch at the moment but could not resist a complete b20 to go with the partial that was in the que i have no spark have put in a new spark plug i disconnected the cut off wire but still no spark now this would not be a problem just swap coil but its a MITSUBISHI engine have you guys any info on this engine coil type wiring ect thanks in advance for your time wink


wristpin Wed, 11/05/2016

I believe that all the Mitsubishi engined machines were electric start so there was a fair amount of charging gubbins in the magneto but the ignition coil was powered from the flywheel and didn't need the battery to function. 

The other issue with that engine was that the carburettor was very sensitive to dirt and fuel quality and was a pig to rescue once contaminated - definitely an ultra sonic cleaning tank job.

I'll see what I can find paperwork wise later but my suspicion is that  only a genuine Mitsubishi coil will fit.


The Atco parts books have not produced much of use to you; the engine just being shown as a lump rather than in detail. As yet I haven't unearthed anything showing the parts breakdown for the Mitsubishi engine but  there is  a recoil start version shown in the 1990/2 parts book.

c4uk Wed, 11/05/2016

thank you wristpin you are correct it is the electric start model sorry forgot to add that part enlightenedjust spit balling here but it does have a electronic ignition module would that be a good first port of call it does turn over with the battery well once the spark is back ill start on the carb any idea of the cc of these units thanks again wink

c4uk Sat, 14/05/2016

thanks wristpin for all your help much appreciated yes that knowledge does seem pricey for that engine b&s could have been tempted but back to the b20 i bought a ignition module a nova and she was up and running yes thankfully not the coil ran a bit rough but striped carb down cleaned it out and it runs and cuts fineyes altogether best £28 ive spent including the moduleyes with try it out through summer get it in the workshop over winter and decide if to change engine to a b&s when i have more time many thanks again for all your helpwink