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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


Just joined, great site and some really interesting stuff, pics, events also

Just bought one of these above off ebay.

Already tried downloading a user manual and parts catalogue but not getting much luck on works computer (no admin rights to download software) to print them with there paper not mine.

Any chance someone could send one or both to my home e-mail account and I can then send them back to work to print. wink

Thanks in advance.....3 - 4 of you boys really know your stuff....impressed!!!! yes

Also do I have a model of the right age (as I said not yet took delivery) to use the cassettes?



wristpin Wed, 20/05/2015

Welcome. Will see what I can find manual wise , but before I start scanning manuals please confirm that it is a Commodore.

I don't  think that the Commodore ever had interchangeable cassettes though a version, the Club, was available with a ten bladed fine cutting cylinder instead of the standard  five blader .  The cassette feature didn't come along until the later Balmoral, a substantially different machine.

Covbandit Wed, 20/05/2015

Thanks for the quick reply

Here's the baby

Copy this into ebay search 381253729203

hortimech Wed, 20/05/2015

Nope, that is basically the old atco deluxe with the aluminium 114cc engine, so you cannot easily change the cassette.

Covbandit Thu, 21/05/2015

Thanks Wristpin, any chance you can sen it to my personal e-mail?

I want to print it at work and don't have admin rights at work to d/load dropbox

I will be able to print if necessary on A3 also if I need it bigger

hortimech Thu, 21/05/2015

Hi Wristpin, lets not get pedantic here, the Commodore was undoubtedly based on the old deluxe (or DR as we knew them). Whatever you call it, it will not take the cassettes from the later models, which were called by different names and supposedly different manufacturers.


wristpin Thu, 21/05/2015

I agree, I misunderstood your post and re- reading it I have no quarrel with it . It was rather late in the evening! Sorry.

wristpin Thu, 21/05/2015


"Don't forget my e-mail if at all possible please"

I've scanned it and posted a Dropbox link a few postings back, you should be able to access it where ever you are but I'll send it to your email just in case!

Covbandit Thu, 21/05/2015

Great thanks very much. As I said it needs to be to my e-mail so I can print it at work (no admin rights for downloading dropbox) yes

Covbandit Tue, 26/05/2015

Drop box not working at home and no admin rights to download it at work?

Can anyone Adobe it to my home address please

wristpin Tue, 26/05/2015

Would if I understood what it is that you are asking for!

Can't understand why you can't open the Dropbox link at home  , as far as I know it is not an issue experienced by others.

gtc Thu, 28/05/2015

Drop box not working at home

Wristpin's dropbox link works for me. I see a PDF file and a download button.

What problem symptoms are you getting?

Covbandit Fri, 29/05/2015

Invalid e-mail or password

I have also checked my e-mail to see if you get sent a temporary password  that you then change, it's not in mail or spam

May have to download it again but I bet it knows my e-mail address already has an account......

gtc Fri, 29/05/2015

With dropbox, as a receiver of data I don't normally get asked for an email address or a password. It's simply an area for shared access to files.

I click on the link in your browser and my browser connects to the appropriate dropbox "page".

The sender of the data uses his/her dropbox account to put the data there. However, I do have a dropbox account, so maybe I'm being logged-in automatically when I access dropbox.


wristpin Fri, 29/05/2015

As GTC says, the Dropbox links that I post on this forum are all open source and available to all, no passwords required.  Private/ family stuff is another matter!

My guess is that you may have a fairly slow internet connection and just need to give the pages time to load or may be just pressing the wrong buttons!

gtc Fri, 29/05/2015

I have updated my post to mention that I do have a dropbox account -- I don't know if that makes any difference. My understanding is that it's supposed to be an open access as long as the documents are set to public access.

steveb Fri, 29/05/2015

I don't have a drop box account. When I click the link, it takes me a screen asking me to create one or sign in.

It does, however, if I click the cross in the corner of the box (highlighted in red below) , it then takes me to the manual so maybe you just need to decline the kind offer to create an account


gtc Fri, 29/05/2015

maybe you just need to decline the offer to create an account

That sounds right.

wristpin Fri, 29/05/2015

No need for an account . I've got a pile of stuff on it - most for the benefit of OLC and  other forum members - and all within their free storage limit !

OK, so they're trying to drum up business , can't blame them for that but just ignore the requests to set up accounts etc. 

Covbandit Sat, 30/05/2015

Nearly done it on works pc but get a red bar saying unexpected error try again but it keeps doing it.

I'll have a go on my home pc again later..............

Sorted now, many thanks to all who helped

Sent it to work to use there ink  wink and it will give me an A3 option on certain pages I might want larger


gtc Mon, 01/06/2015

I've got a pile of stuff on it - most for the benefit of OLC and  other forum members

And a very big thank you for that! yes

Covbandit Mon, 08/06/2015

I want to replace a few gaskets and other odd items.

Also a lawn rake L101044 (Not a scarifier) . I believe this will help lift the grass to make a better job of the cut???  Hope i'm right about that it's missing

What's the name of the shop up North somewhere that bought all Atcos stock please.

Can't find it when your looking for it.

Covbandit Mon, 08/06/2015

Saved in my favourites  yes

Does anyone know about the rake part?

Would it improve the cut enough to justify getting one?

wristpin Mon, 08/06/2015

The Commodore Grassrake was introduced early in the Commodore's model life as a give away or sales promotion tool. If our dealership was typical a lot of them were either not given away or found a place on the customer's shed shelf to remain there for the life of the mower!

It is a rake and not a scarifier but if your lawn is typical of many  - mown down meadow grass rather than the velvet sward of fine leafed grasses beloved of professional groundsmen  - it will grab hold of the horizontal straggly bits and stand them up to be cut.

Some years ago in a fit of optimism that I could improve my lawn I liberated a Lawnrake from the stores and adaped it to fit the front of my Hayter Harrier . It was extremely effective in that the fuel consumption  went up, the drive belt probably suffered and I spent too much time "unbunging" it from all the bits of grass and twig that it collected! .  Actually it did improve the lawn but now resides on the shelf!…

No photoshopping - honest!


Covbandit Tue, 16/06/2015

Gateshead lawnmower are not answering direct e-mails or the online fill out form, perhaps have to give them a poke/ring.....

Covbandit Sun, 21/06/2015

Well it makes a nice job of the lawn after it's finished bogging down, easier pushing it....just.

Ordered a new spark plug, and when I get the chance I'll give the carb probably a much needed clean.......