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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Atco Heavy Duty 20"


I recently picked up an Atco 20" cylinder mower to have a go at restoring/running. The mower has a Kohler of Canada K101t engine which I cannot find much information on, does anyone know when these were used, i'm guessing the machine is 70s-80s? The mower came with a home made air filter housing and although I found a replacement on ebay the first problem is I cannot source an air filter that fits. The second problem is the mower has a Dellorto carb on it which seems to be a replacement as its white, whereas the carb that came with the air filter housing is a Walbro LMB carb. The mower does run for a bit and as I need to strip down the carb anyway should i swap the two over and am I going to have to make a filter to fit the housing?




wristpin Sun, 25/04/2021

There was quite a lot of correspondence about Kohler engined HD Atcos on this forum a while back, possibly a year ago . A bit of searching should bring it up.