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Atco Royale 24" - Retro fitting front roller assembly with rake ?

Hi all,

I have an Atco 24" Royale (I think - Briggs I/C engine) and am wondering if it is possible/relatively easy to retro fit the front roller, incl the rake assembly, to a machine which only has a roller, on the basis that it is presumably better for the lawn and will improve the cut.....?  Would it bolt straight in or would modified/new side plates etc be required....?

Any comments would be very welcome

Many thanks



wristpin Thu, 16/04/2020

I'm not aware that Atco did a rake for the 24" Royale. I can only find a parts list for the 20" Club

However Allett now manufacture the Royale under the name Buckingham in 20,24 and 30" sizes and show a rake.

The attached illustrated parts  list may be of interest.  ***Oh B****r just remembered that this site wont accept pdf files. Will be back with a Dropbox link in a bit!



Andrew Pritchard Tue, 06/04/2021

I have the front tine assembly fitted to my 2003 Atco B24. Unfortunately, it has bad corrosion and many of the tines are damaged/broken.

I need the complete assembly really, ie. the frame, shaft and tines.

The parts on the mower magic site do not appear to be available.

Where can I purchase these?