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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Atco Royale clutch strip down

Hi everyone, 

I've recently become the custodian of some old mowers, so I think I'm in the right place... I have what I think is a 1970s 2 stroke Flymo, A Mountfield ride on that is very poorly and a servicable Atco Royale V24R Professional. My question is about the clutch on the Atco:

I have removed the engine and managed to get the drive shaft out of the mower. I now need to take everything off the shaft and could do with some help in which order to proceed... At one end there is a pin that goes through the square section inside the clutch body. I can move the pin, but am doubtful that I will be able to move the square section?? On the other end there is an "adjusting sleeve" with pin and I can't get the pin to budge either. What is the preferred order of dismantling??

Also, one of the clutch plates is broken and the others are obviously brittle. I've seen discussions on here about alternatives, but all suggestions are welcome :D


Thanks very much


wristpin Sun, 21/03/2021

At the engine end, drive out the roll pin and it’s unusual for the squared adaptors to put up a fight. The stepped sleeve at the other end is set at the time of manufacture and all service bulletins say, “ leave it alone”. If the clutch is slipping etc it’s usually that the roll pin through that square block that’s failed. Your machine should have the modified larger diameter pin.

There should be no problem in obtaining the correct clutch plates as they are still used in the current version of your machine, manufactured by Allett.

mrtooley Sat, 03/04/2021

Just for completeness, I did a quick video while my Atco Royale B24 clutch was apart. I bought an after market clutch plate as the Atco/Allett ones are £35 each!!

Also, after replacing the carb, fixing the clutch and various un-sticking of various things that were lightly rusted together, the Royale had it's first assembled start up and it managed to cut grass for the first time in what I think is well over 6 years