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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

ATCO Royale Handle Cover

I've recently been given an Atco Royale B24. It was a barn find machine and utterly filthy when I got it as it'd sat next to the exhaust of a working diesel generator for about 6 months after being sat in the shed it was in for nearly 14 years. Luckily for me, it was serviced in its last autumn and had some work done to it before being put away with the expectation of being used in the Spring but the organisation that owned it went bust over the winter. It's complete, grass box and trailer-seat all complete apart from the small piece of fairing with the ATCO logo on it that goes over the joint in the handle. It took me about 45 minutes to get it started but since then it's gone on the first few pulls every time I've used it.

I'm looking to restore this machine to good working order as I intend to use it pretty hard. I have two questions for people more experienced than me in this matter and they are:

In the mid range of the throttle the engine sets up some serious vibrations. Having tinkered with the carb I've got it idling nice and smooth, and at full throttle it runs smooth, but at half throttle the frame rattles like an old washing machine and makes it unusable. I haven't been deaper into the engine than changing the oil and replacing a snapped starter cord but when I do does anybody know a 'known' cause for it and if it can be fixed easily? I'd rather not take the engine apart further than I need to.

The Handle is covered in a foam sheathe which is damaged. I'd love to replace this, but it's obviously some sort of heat shrink/thermally welded foam material. Anybody know what the material is called and if it can be applied in a workshop environment? If not does anybody know a company that might be able to do it?  


wristpin Wed, 13/01/2021

In reverse order. The handle bar; I’d suggest looking for a used replacement or even a complete wrecker mower.

Vibration. Difficult imagining what you have in front of you. Assuming that it’s a vibration rather than hunting, I doubt if it’s an internal engine fault but I would start by checking the security of the engine and condition of all the rotating components - flywheel, engine coupling, main clutch assembly, top shaft bearing etc. 



DJD Wed, 13/01/2021

The vibration just might be a mismatch of jetting/fuel mixtures as the different jets take over, of course we're talking about simple carbs. here, but even a small air leak might be got over by slow running mixture screw on tickover, but effect more pronounced as engine speed increases? Just a guess really. I've known many more obscure things to happen.