Atco Transfers for 14" 1934 Lightweight

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Atco Transfers for 14" 1934 Lightweight

Hello Again,

I'm nearly there - it's time I started arranging to get the transfers / labels for my mower, which is (as I have discovered from this website a few months ago) a 1934 Atco Lightweight - problem is, I don't know which size Atco transfer that is proper for the petroil tank, the 133mm or the 162mm?  I've looked at the list of transfers out here on this site and the first few mention motor mowers from between 1931 and 1933, so I'm not sure if my 1934 is a different size altogether or not.  If anyone out here knows the answer I would be very grateful. 



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Tom - if could post a photo

Tom - if could post a photo of the machine and the fuel tank we could probably assess the appropriate size transfer.

Colin Stone - stonethemows