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Atco VIlliers 1455/6 colour code

I am currently restoring an Atco VIlliers 1455/6 and wish to find the correct paint code.

During my research I have found various colours mentioned, the nearest one is RAL 6002 "Leaf Green"

Would this be the closest match against the original paint Finish.







wristpin Fri, 26/08/2016

Just to confuse matters , if you Google RAL 6002 it comes up as Heritage Green but presumably the colour is the same regardless of the name. 

Atcos of the 50s through to the 80s had a slightly duller green than the green used on the later Commodores and then the Royales. Central Spares offer Atco Green and Atco Royale Green but with no reference on the tin or aerosol can to any paint colour system such as RAL, Lechler or Pantone so there is plenty of room for debate.

Further confusion could arise as back in the day Atco offered a winter overhaul service at their service branches around the UK and part of that service was a complete paint strip, repaint and re- transfer so depending on the shade of green being used at the time, a machine that appears to have its original shade today may not actually have the shade that it had at the point of manufacture.…

scottc1965 Tue, 18/10/2016

Thanks to Wristpin for your help.

I  matched the original paint from the inside of the chain cover, the code was RAL 6020 and as you can see the finish look as good as I hoped it would.

I still have the alu grass box to paint and on reading the post regarding paint removal, this has answered a future post.

Thanks again.




wristpin Wed, 19/10/2016

That's a great paint job. When it comes to painting the aluminium grass box the usual advice would be to use an etching primer to ensure a good bond between paint and metal.

scottc1965 Fri, 11/11/2016

Can anyone suggest a replacement for covering the bearing lubrication points on my mower. The original ones were missing when I purchased it.

I assume that these are designed to slide to the side for access to the hole. Looking on line, I am unable to identify the correct name for these.

Any assistance on this would be appreciated.



wristpin Fri, 11/11/2016

According to the parts book it is Part number H139, Cover for Oil Hole!

It is a shaped piece of spring steel pivoted on a rivet in the small hole to the left of your arrow that swings down to cover the hole . It stays in place by virtue of a small dimple that locates in the hole .

gtc Sat, 12/11/2016

Rare to find those oil hole covers extant.  None of my many photos of Atcos shows one in place.

Sir Chook may have an image of one.


sir_chook Sat, 12/11/2016

Hi All,

Please find a couple of photos of the oil hole cover in question. It is pressed copper with a steel split pin.


Sir Chook

gtc Sat, 12/11/2016

Thanks, Sir Chook!

Anyone able to manufacture these?

wristpin Sat, 12/11/2016

Interesting about the ones illustrated being made from copper; I've only ever seen them in " blued" steel. and without the turned up "ears". Possibly a later development ?

It would not be difficult to reproduce them in copper using a bit of copper sheet or even opened out and annealed  water pipe. The dimple could be pressed in with a ball bearing and wooden block in the vice.


gtc Sat, 12/11/2016

I don't recall what they were made of on the Atcos we had in Oz. It's been a very long time since I've seen an Atco with them still in place.

Wonder of they were all the same size for (say) the lightweight series?

If Sir Chook can provide the dimensions, I might discuss this with a guy I know who does repetition engineering with CNC machines.

gtc Sat, 12/11/2016

The 'steel split pin' is actually called a bifurcated rivet

Thanks for the correct name.

scottc1965 Sun, 20/11/2016

Thanks to all members for your advice and comments. I will have a go at manufacturing an "Oil hole cover"  and let you know how I get on.

Again, many thanks.



scottc1965 Wed, 07/12/2016


Still working on the covers, however I have finished the grass box, good advice regarding the etching primer.

The  results speak for themselves. The odd dent here and there adds something.


gtc Thu, 08/12/2016

I will have a go at manufacturing an "Oil hole cover"


Sir Chook has very kindly supplied me with the detailed dimensions of the one shown in his photos. I can't say if it will fit your particular Atco, but it might be worth trying the dimensions for size.

I'll email the data to you.

Using those dimensions I intend to ask a friend to create a mock-up of one on his 3D printer so that I can see if and how it fits.



gtc Thu, 08/12/2016

Paint and decals look excellent.

Pity about those remaining dents, though.

wristpin Thu, 08/12/2016

Quote "Pity about those remaining dents, though."

That's the problem with a bare metal repaint and re-transfer resto' where as with a rolling rustoration or "leave as" preservation they add character.

On a practical note the issue with alloy is "stretch" and you have to have good panel beating skills to deal with such blemishes without resorting to quantities of filler etc.

scottc1965 Thu, 08/12/2016

Thanks to GTC and Sir Chook for supplying dimensions etc.

I did have a go in sorting the dents, but as Wristpin mentioned these proved very tricky.

wristpin Fri, 09/12/2016

I'll second that, skill indeed : now where is that tatty old grassbox?