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Chain problems

Good day all


I have a particular problem regarding the main drive chain on my mower I am looking for help with. 


So I have a Punch 17 inch mower, and shortly after getting the motor running, the chain snapped at the master link. Now my problem is identifying the chain locally in South Africa. I took the chain to our local specialist, and they could not provide me with a master link. So I am aware I will most likely have to import the part, but in order to do so, I will need the right size. 


This is the help I need, can someone please give me the correct part number, chain number, master link size, so that I can plcae the order ASAP.




wristpin Tue, 13/10/2020

Fairly sure it’s  1/2”  x 3/16” . I suggest that you take one of the sprockets to your chain supplier and get  them to cut a length to the right link count because they will match the pin size of the connecting link.