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Failing to look up model numbers

(all I actually want to do is buy a new spark plug!)

I started by looking around my own Hayter mower's engine. Brigg & Stratton of some kind, lots of nice numbers stamped in. Took a photo, went to the B&S web site.

engine codes

My numbers don't match anything there.

Though - a hah. I'll look up the mower, and see what engine Hayter fitted. Looked up my mower's numbers.

No direct match.

Can anyone either (short term) tell me what spark plug I need (long term) tell me how to navigate the Hayter and B&S part numbers?



wristpin Wed, 02/06/2021

Both are fairly straight forward .

BS Model number gives the general description of the engine . Type , the variation for that application and the Code, the date of manufacture, 31st of May 1990. Spark plug NGK B2LM or BR2LM or the Champion equivalent .

Hayter . 320 says it all.

It's all there, on-line and if you've found your way onto this site it shouldn't be a problem. 

bugbear Wed, 02/06/2021

Tank you for the spark plug info (which is what I really need).

I'll expand on the online sources of my confusion:

This site lists 4 sub-variations on "320", none of which are "dead match" for anything I have:

B&S model numbers include a 6 digit "model" and a 4 digit "type".

Searching for model "122702" located sub-types of "3151", "3171", "3209", "0147", "3212"

But nothing like my (6 digit...) 400301.

(looks again, has an inspiration)

Aah - found it. I have a (deep breath) 122702-4003-01…