Help identifying Ransomes sole plate?

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Help identifying Ransomes sole plate?

I'm hoping someone can help to identify the spare Ransomes sole plate that I have. The plate in question in the odd one out in the following images, and has more of a right angled form to it, compared with the two 18" Marquis sole plates in the picture, which have a concave form. It has 6 holes for the bottom blade fixing, the same as the Marquis ones, and is currently fitted with a Marquis bottom blade, but there is no part number anywhere to be seen on the sole plate

Could it be an early or later Marquis sole plate, either before or after the part number MBA 0498 was used and embossed on it?

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My view is that it’s an age

My view is that it’s an age thing rather than a difference between Marquises and Auto Certes. The concave ones are, I think, of one piece cast iron construction, hence the damage to one, and were  superseded by the right angle one that has cast ends welded to an “angle iron” centre.  If you continue your research into part numbers I think that you may find that there are different  throw plates for the different construction of sole plates. 

A study of part numbers can be quite revealing  - while some manufacturers seem to use random numbers, others are more organised and their prefix and suffix alpha digits can give away the the part is a welded assembly, made in house, bought in from an outside supplier or may provide a trail to modifications or updates. Other numbers identify family groups eg with MTD / Lawnflite belts have a 754, prefix; springs, 732, and electrical components 725. That’s all that I can remember for now.