How do you know when your clutch needs recorking?

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How do you know when your clutch needs recorking?


I have a Ransomes Minor Mk7 and I take the chain cover off and the friction materials look a little worn. I am thinking of getting it record.

What kind of behaviour would this exhibit?

I went through a clutch adjustment & it is at its fullest extent. The centrifuge externally located does engage and spin up invariably at low revs... When I have the lever locked off it does creep forward, higher revs it travels!

Any advice would be most welcome.. 

I guess after a recorking I can really slacken off the clutch release cable?


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You might not have to recork

You might not have to recork it, if there is plenty of cork sticking out either side of the sprocket, then it should be ok. If this is the case, remove the 'mushroom' in the center of the clutch (the thing that pushes the sprung loaded pressure plate out and check if there is a small bearing behind it, if there isn't, find and fit one. Not 100% sure, but if it is the same as a Marquis or Auto-certes, there is another adjuster on the arm operated by the cable. If all else fails and there is plenty of cork left, add another small bearing behind the 'mushroom'


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All of the above, plus

All of the above, plus Ransomes have always recommended lubricating everything other than the main clutch spigot bearing with oil and not grease. If, as in the majority of cases, the traction clutch has been greased, the corks and plates may have a coating of sticky old grease that is capable of transmitting a bit of drive  even when disengaged.