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Ive found the points and condenser...................

Newbie here I have a Suffolk 43 and acquired a Ransomes Twenty Four with seat.

So, I've found the points and condenser on my Ramsome Twenty Four.  I intend to change the points and condenser, is there anyway to check/test the coil?

Where can I buy the parts? eBay sells various types but not sure which set is correct, it says Wipac on the inside of the fan, is thre a specialist?

Im looking for an operators manual for the Ransomes Twenty Four, any ideas?  


wristpin Thu, 26/08/2021

Quite possibly you don’t need any new parts , just clean the points. You can get an idea of the condition of the coil by checking the resistance of the primary and secondary windings using a multimeter. A decent garden machinery place or even someone doing vintage motor bikes should be able to do a “ dynamic” test on the both the coil and condenser.

Gnasha Thu, 26/08/2021

Thank you for the response.  I had thought that having got this far, it would be prudent to replace both. Judging by the condition of the oil and the air filter I suspect the the points and condensor have been there some time, since Adam was a lad. However, there is evidence of a PO's attempts to gain access to this area.

The dynamic test sounds a good check for peace of mind before assembly.

Any idea what the resistance should be for primary and secondary coils as a preliminary check?

thanks again.


Floydism Thu, 26/08/2021

The primary (points/condenser) side should have a very low resistance, anywhere under a couple of ohms should do) but be sure that you're measuring JUST the coil by disconnecting it from the rest of the gubbins

The Secondary HT side should read some where between 3k and maybe 10-20k (although that's probably a little high), basically as long as it's not shorted or open it'll probably work, it's just a matter of how well!

It's relatively rare for coils to go south, much more likely to just be scuzzy points, give them a polish up and make sure they're meeting square to each other, only then is it worth messing with the other bits.