Mountfield grass bag

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Mountfield grass bag

Hi all

 I have two mountfield M4 mowers which earn there keep on gardening jobs.The grass bag I have is thread bare so needs renewing, it may be possible  just to change the canvas bag as the frame is still good.Any info on bags which match would be most helpful.Shown is the self propelled variant,(with drive not working ) but still a good push mower.

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I think that your chances of

I think that your chances of finding a new old stock fabric are pretty slim .  The best source of the correct "breathable" fabric is probably from a discarded ride-on mower collector bag which should give sufficient material to cut and sew together panels to cover your frame . It does need to be breathable fabric and not canvas so that the air flow created by the blade lifts can carry the grass into the bag and exhaust through the fabric. If it cant exhaust the cut grass will just build up under the deck.

You mention that the drive is not working. Back in the day when those "horse's neck"  drives were common we used to repair them on a regular basis by drilling out the rivets holding them together, splitting the casings, dealing with the broken or derailed chain and  then reassembling. sometimes the problem was just wear to the coupling tube or roll pins connecting the drive to the engine - no dismantling needed.

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I know someone who repaired

I know someone who repaired the base rear end of the same bag by taking up a few cm of the worn out fabric at the rear base. Needless to say the "new" downward sloping angle produced by this bodge rendered it useless, angle is one to watch if you do find suitable fabric..

Saw this tho?