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No spark on MK7 Suffolk Punch

Hi. I'm new to petrol mowers and got myself an old Suffolk Punch MKVII.

It was working fine after I had a specialist sort the carburetor out, but a couple of weeks ago it wouldn't start. I checked for a spark but nothing. I'm assuming points and condenser are at fault so was wondering if these parts can be bought and where do I buy them?

Thanks in advance




wristpin Tue, 24/08/2021

Don’t assume...... First, remove the plug , remove the connector from the end of the high tension lead and check for a spark from the bare end. If there is then a spark the culprit will be either the connector or the plug.

Still no spark and it could , as you surmise, be either the points or the condenser, but is  most likely to be that the points require cleaning or adjusting - both simple diy operations. That said, the earlier magnetos use a points set up in which the moving point has a tendency to bind on its pivot causing poor contact between the points faces. That does require the removal of the flywheel ; maybe a job for the “ specialist” that you used to clean the carburettor.


Jon Taunton Tue, 31/08/2021

Removed points and cleaned them up. Refitted and reset to correct gap. Now working better than before it broke down.

Thanks for the advice