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Ransomes Ajax bushes

Hi ,

I am new on here and have just restored a mk 5 Ajax using all the good information available here, 

I am now restoring a mk 3 and plan to do this thoroughly, I originally was going to have the frame anodised but have been told that this would give a disappointing finish as it's cast aluminium so will powder coat as I plan to keep it and want it to last, happy with bearings sourced and replaced them, thanks for the info on here.

for the bushes in the frame sides I plan to replace these as they are worn,  can anyone advise on where to acquire these and what to ask for, thanks so much, 

I will put photos up once complete, I have got new rollers from keypad eBay and a new bottom blade, I hope to make a 12 bladed cylinder from two 6 blades as an indulgence, I hope it turns out ok wish me luck

BR Woody


Woody Tue, 15/09/2020

A bit of searching and I found an old post with an answer from wristpin, they may be oillite bushes and some advice for their removal, 

will try this thanks

villiers98 Fri, 25/09/2020

I have seen a 12 blade cylinder made as you outline but it is very hard to get right , and you need a friend with a cylinder grinder as it may take ages to grind up. May be better to look for a Greens Zephyr or for even better quality Ransomes Certes 16