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Ransomes Ajax Mk2 'spring washer for cylinder bearings'


I'm working on my first mower, a Ransomes Ajax Mk2:

 and I have a question about how the cylinder bearing housings fit together.  When I took them apart the bearing on the left-hand side was seated rather high up in the housing:

and the bearing on the right side was pushed right to the back of the housing, where as far as I can see it must have covered the oil-hole.  It's possible that the LHS bearing was also pushed right back in the housing and had shifted when I removed the housing from the axle.

When I reassemble, it seems like the bearing ought to be somewhere between those two positions - not so far up as to squash the felt washer and not so far back as to cover the oil hole and make it tricky to remove.  I noticed that the parts list includes two 'L 115A Spring washer for cylinder bearing' which I don't have on my mower, and which look like they're the right size to sit as spacers behind the bearing.  (I do have the flat 'Dust washers' that sit between the bearing and the felt washer).  Is that right, or is the spring washer meant for something else?

My current plan is to use a bit of 1/16" brass rod as a spacer behind the bearings:

but I would appreciate any advice or correction!