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Ransomes mk3 24 landroll removal

Hi. Does anybody have information on the removal of the landroll on the above mower? I need to get it out to replace the bearings.


John Street


wristpin Fri, 08/10/2021

If it is the model called a Twenty Four, it’s relatively easy as the chain drive sprocket is keyed to the roller shaft and just retained by a recessed hex head set screw in its centre - unlike the threaded on sprockets on Marquises.

Having removed the centre screw you may be able to shift it with a  couple of tyre levers or may have to resort to a puller or even some heat. With the sprocket out of the way there are three hex head screws retaining the bearing carrier with three more at the non drive end. With those all removed you can raise the back of the machine and wheel it forward off the roller.

While you have the whole  roller out it is worth separating the two rolls and examining the differential gears - they do wear, particularly if the machine is used with a trailed roller seat.