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Restoring a Flymo Professional Precision 50 Cylinder Mower


Appologies for the multiple posts I am getting my head around post on this forum

I am currently restoring a Precision 50 Cylinder mower, There is little to no information on the Internet regarding this lawn mower and Flymo don't even recognise this as a product they used to produce. I am looking to replace the clutch as it has been slipping,

attached are several pictures and measurements regarding this part, I cannot find any equivalent parts online or when discussing this with lawn mower repair engineers.

As you can see the clutch shoes are not shoes as such the whole friction pad is made from Clutch material (I am assuming asbestos) 


I am wondering if anyone had any advice, parts or contacts for somebody who could resolve this, I would also like to know if any ex Flymo employees may have the labels for the Flymo Professional precision 50, the original labeling damaged anyway was removed when I stripped the paint and rust. I have re-sprayed with Hitachi Orange which is pretty close to original colour   

I have attached an image of the lawnmower from the Internet mine is currently spread across my kitchen floor I was foolish not taking pictures whilst disassembling it 

If anyone can help this will be massively appreciated, I just dont want to end up with the worlds smartest looking lawnmower that does not work correctly :)



Ben Simmonds