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Royal Enfield update

Hi everyone,

I thought I would give an update on my Royal Enfield mower that I bought a couple of months ago.

I purchased a fuel pipe and connections which fitted fine. I had a look at the points which weren't opening or closing properly, with a few adjustments with a screwdriver they seemed to work. I then cleaned them up with wet and dry paper. The old spark plug finally started to spark again.

I have just managed to get the mower to run for a minute or two.

I'm not exactly sure of the best settings to start it? How much throttle should I use? How many presses on the prime button on the carburettor? 

The villiers carburettor has a dial on the top which reads weak or rich, what is a good position for starting? 

I am using a 25/1 two stroke mixture using Miller's mineral oil.

I look forward to getting it running smoothly and ticking over nicely.




Wiltshireworm Sat, 19/06/2021

To start these engines;

The best position for the throttle is about half way, the little choke should read rich, then prime the carburettor until it floods, (you are just pushing the float down to release the fuel needle from the seat). Turn the engine over a few times & it should go, do not continue to prime the flood button, if it fails to start.

Your engine has stood for a while without working therefore the bore & piston will be dry, so pour about an eggcup of fuel mix directly into the plug hole, turn the engine over slowly a few times & leave it a few minutes. This will allow the moistened piston & rings to suck the fuel better when you try to start it.

The best oil for the fuel mix on these old engines is a straight SAE 30 oil. You can get it at Halfords, The fuel cap usually says what proportion of oil to fuel you should use. I would think 16/1 for that engine, (1pint to 2 gallons), "old school". 

Good luck with it, I have 2 Royal Enfield mowers, great to use too.

Peter Hampton


Jez4444 Tue, 22/06/2021

Thank you for the advice regarding starting the mower.

I'm going to use SAE 30 oil instead of two stroke and mix it using the measure under the petrol cap. Five measures to one gallon.