Suffolk Colt clutch shaft ball & spring

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Suffolk Colt clutch shaft ball & spring

Hello all,

Having just acquired a Suffolk Colt mower, in generally good condition, I would appreciate some advice.

The hand clutch is jammed in place with a bolt, can anyone tell me where to source the correct ball and spring?

Also the governor spring appears to be incorrect (too short).

Any advice on where to pick up genuine spares would be greatly appreciated.



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Much to my surprise those

Much to my surprise those parts were available individually; I was expecting to find that they came as an assembly with the shaft. Just hope that the hole has not been drilled oversize to accept the bolt and could be too big for the correct crimped in ball and spring.

Anyway the ball was L3848 and the spring L4231

Try Jon Cruse at the Hailsham Mower Centre