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Suffolk punch 35dl?

Suffolk punch I have recently purchased what i believe to be a Suffolk punch 35dl? (Images attached).i belive it is an earlier model as it has a zenith carburetor. I have checked for spark. Which is there and you still get spark when it is in the stop position. Is this incorrect? If so what are the common problems/fixes? I will have to clean the carb as it leaks. If anyone has any advice on any of these problems please let me know. Thanks 


wristpin Thu, 11/02/2021


It should stop when the handle bar control is moved fully past the slow position.On top of the carburettor there’s an insulated terminal with a wire from the ignition. When the hand control is moved to Stop it should alow the lever on top of the carb to touch the terminal and earth out the ignition.

Looks as though the air filter is missing.



Finley35 Thu, 11/02/2021

Cheer. Will make sure the terminals are clean this weekend. Also thanks, im going to order an air filter.

DJD Thu, 11/02/2021

Dirt can get into the very bottom of the float bowl where the brass wire end of float sits, cleaning this out is a regular job I did. Another fault might be wear on inlet valve which is simply the male top end of the float needle, if you grip the thick wire with pliers, you can (gently) move the black plastic float up or down the wire, (about a sixteenth inch or less at a time) down cuts fuel off sooner, up makes it later, too late and fuel will flow constantly, if sharp needle end is very sharp or bent, worn out, it would be better to buy a new part. The emulsion tube is often neglected also, a very fine wire and/or compressed air will sort it out, you need to be able to see daylight through it, not an easy task though, even when clean.

Finley35 Sat, 13/02/2021

Now running! Carb has been taken of and cleaned. I have realised that the cut off just needs adjustments. The cable that adjusts the running speeds doesn't seem to do anything although it moves. I can manually increase the revs on the side of the carburettor. Any reason why this maybe? Thanks for all your help so far.

DJD Sat, 13/02/2021

Glad to hear it's running, the ally vane may be jammed, the soft spring may be disconnected, throttle valve in carb may be jamming etc. best to take cowling off and investigate further, simple engines and easy to work on, beginning to wish I'd kept one back now, to do my own grass with!

Finley35 Sun, 16/05/2021

Update mower has been running at cutting well. But today the engine just cut out. I don't believe it has spark. What would people advise. Thanks 


Finley35 Sun, 16/05/2021

Update. The mowers has been running well for a few weeks. But today when cutting it cut out. I can't get it started again. I believe it is an issue with spark. Any advice?

wristpin Sun, 16/05/2021

Assuming that you’ve checked that the throttle cable operated cut out has not gone out of adjustment it’s possible that it’s a magneto problem but before you dive into it, just remove the spark plug cap / connector and hold the end of the lead about. 1/4” away from unpainted metal and check for a spark.

Your machine appears to have the A98 engine and as it has a Zenith carb it could also have “points ignition” , so it could just be suffering from dirty points. Later A98s had electronic ignition and if that fails , it’s expensive new unit time.