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Suffolk Punch 35s Service

I would like to perform a full engine and carburettor service on my 1993 Suffolk Punch 35s.

The handbook says the engine is an ATCO type A114-2N but I do not know which carburettor I have.

I've attached several photos, taken last weekend and hope someone can identify it for me - as you can see, I've made a tentative start.

Also, I would appreciate any advice or links to relevant articles or websites regarding a full strip down of the engine and the carburettor

The original documentation includes part numbers on an exploded diagram of the engine which also shows that each valve is secured by a cotter pin.

Do you know exactly what tool I will need (and where to buy one) to compress the valves in order to release the cotter pins ?

I expect all the gaskets will be readily available by searching the net using their part numbers.

Many thanks in advance.