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Suffolk Punch 43s Side Casing

Good morning all, I've got a Suffolk Punch 43s mower, mid 1980s and have noticed that the end of the cylinder has come through the side casing. Is it possible for the side casing to be bent, to have caused this? I can't see any other reason why the no end of the cylinder should reach the cover on the side casing.


I've attacked an image for viewing. I hope someone can help, thanks.



villiers98 Sat, 21/08/2021

The side casting would break rather than bend. The tin chain cover however can get mis-shapen and then meet the end of the cutter spindle. If you remove the fixing screw and cover  you will see that it should sit against a step in the casting . If it rides up over the step some careful reshaping may help, or a new cover. This assumes the cylinder turns ok and the machine cuts correctly.


wristpin Sat, 21/08/2021

I’m guessing that the side cover has had a bash. There’s signs of movement around its fixing screw.