Suffolk punch bottom blade depth

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Suffolk punch bottom blade depth


I have just bought a Suffolk Punch to use as my main mower. I intend to refurb in the future but the main thing i need at the moment is for the grass to be cut. I have tried adjusting the cylinder down to meet the bottom blade but its about 6mm away.

I gather from here that it could be the wear and sharpening of both blades over time.  I am happy to replace the bottom blade if it helps but ultimately in the short term i need a mower to cut the grass. My current bottom blade is about 2 1/4 inches from centre of mount bolts to edge of blade. Does anyone know if this is well worn please or not much shorter than new? Thanks. 

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As always, a few photo's will

As always, a few photo's will help, there have been quite a few Suffolk Punch machines, including some that aren't really Suffolks.


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 A photo of the cylinder and

 A photo of the cylinder and bottom blade would be helpful so further advice can be given. 

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Definitely a need for images.

Definitely a need for images. 6mm is an awful lot of wear and tear to have happened all of a sudden, does it look as though it may have been incorrectly assembled? 

EDIT. Just occurred to me that the previous owner may have discovered the wear and just boxed it together without any final adjustment. 

Awaiting images!