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Suffolk Punch Engine/Carb Identification


I have my parents old  late 1980's Suffolk Punch 43S. It ran OK up until a few years back when it was put in the corner of the garage.

It's now covered in dust etc. So have taken on the job of getting back running and in a usable state.

So I've stripped down the carb to do a ultrasonic clean, but have broken the rubber on the float bowl, as well as completely messing up the jet on the top of the carb, trying to remove it.

The Carb looks like it might be a TK make, but no model number, albeit 4D on one of the shoulders. Completely covered in black flaking paint too :(.It is a mess.

Trying to route round the net looking for parts and\or a replacement I cannot seem to ID the engine or in fact the carb itself.


Any idea if there were any proper markings on these and where to look?


hillsider Sun, 07/06/2015

Hello and welcome to the Old Lawnmower Club, it would help us to identify your carburetor if you could post us a photo of the carb and the engine as there have been a few variations over the years. any makers marks would normally be cast  or stamped into the body casting, don't worry about us seeing the damage to the jet it will help us to understand the situation and recommend a way out of the problem.

We have a few contributors here that are very knowledgeable about these engines (well more so than me anyway).

wristpin Sun, 07/06/2015

Looks like a Tillotson.

​The carb bowl O ring is part number  F016Q11075 and the

jet  ( by-pass tube assembly) F016Q11074

your best bet for replacements is the Gateshead Mower Centre who bought all the Qualcast and Suffolk parts when Bosch disposed of the brands.

RobBrown Sun, 07/06/2015

Thanks wristpin.

I can see that the stamping the other side of the TK is very like the Tillotson logo

Do you have a diagram or something that has those part numbers on?




RobBrown Sun, 07/06/2015

Amazing. Found this on the Tillotson website. An exact match. :)

For anyone searching, this is model FC-11E1A

You guys are awesome. Thanks again,



RobBrown Sun, 07/06/2015