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suffolk super punch

Can my super punch be converted to electronic ignition


DJD Sun, 31/01/2021

Almost any magneto assisted engine can be converted to using one of the Atom, Meco or similar units which use a transistor for switching, instead of the points and capacitor. About the only electronic alternative for most I imagine, the Atom unit, from Australia was once very common and popular, I cannot now remember why they were discontinued. But they came in many different versions and colours for different makes and sorts of engines. The majority were for small two strokes, but others existed for four strokes too.

wristpin Mon, 01/02/2021

So long as your engine has a separate coil and condenser ( capacitior) you can fit either a Meco or Nova trigger module. However later   magnetos used in Suffolks had the condenser embedded within the coil and are not suitable for the conversion.

wristpin Sun, 07/03/2021

can you point me in the right direction to purchase said coil.

“Said coil” ? With or without embedded condenser?

wristpin Tue, 09/03/2021

As the add on electronic trigger modules don’t work with that coil, your probable options are - fit the earlier coil that can be used with a  module, or, fit the later fully electronic coil plus a new flywheel.

In either case talk to George at Villiers Parts.