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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk "Super" Punch revival

Hello all

I bought a super punch last year to tinker with, havent had the slightest chance to have a tinker with the old girl yet, but our current mower (flymo - spit) is ready to be binned, so i need to make the Suffolk work.

Had a very quick look at it last night an noticed the governor spring has rusted through - are these available anywhere? I know of an engineer place that could make a spring up but would need dimensions etc.

Also, the cassette an bottom blade are quite rusted, hopefully they are servicable - with a little love an attention

will get a replacement spark plug, as god knows how old the current one is - NGK B6S im led to believe is the correct one

pics to follow

**edit**  just found my original post from when i bought the old girl…