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Tecumseh without spark

I've replaced coil,condenser,  plug, set points and done screwdriver test on magnets but still no spark. I think it's got be something simple I'm missing. I've dismantled and rebuilt several times. )-: Help !!!!


wristpin Sun, 10/01/2021

As ever, an image would help, but assuming  that you have the points contained in an alloy “ box” with a “ tin” lid held on with a spring clip with the points anchored to a plastic wedge set into a slot in the side ?

Check that the points are really clean and not leaving an oily trace on a piece of clean card moved between them. ( note, don’t pull the card through and out, allowing them to snap shut leaving fibres between the faces). Check that the cover has not been pushed  down and is touching the points. Check were the coil and condenser wires are secured on the outside of the wedge that there are no stray strands touching the casing . Finally, if your machine also has a kill wire connected to that common terminal , temporarily disconnect it so that the engine is isolated from any other cable, safety switch or stop switch that may be causing the problem. Just remember, that should the machine start , with that cable disconnected , there will be no way of stopping it other than stalling it or pulling the plug lead off.

Edit. Just realised that it may be on your Landmaster / Gardenmaster. If so, in one of your images there’s a carburettor mounted kill switch with a wire disappearing out of sight - presumably to the magneto. Prime candidates for shorting out.