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Throttle cable replacement, help needed

I’ve been looking for a throttle cable replacement for a Suffolk Punch 43DL. I have contacted GHS and JAPG to be told genuine one is obsolete and no current after-market suppliers listed.  The current cable is incorrect and has been “adapted “ to suit , (end wrapped around carb lever) So I cant even take the original measurements of the sleeve and cable to source a replacement from eBay etc. 

Any advice would be much appreciated. 


wristpin Sat, 11/09/2021

Which carburettor and lever have you got?  A couple of images will assist.

Jon Cruse at the Hailsham Mower Centre  is your best bet as he makes cables from scratch but he may ask the same questions. 

Gnasha Sat, 11/09/2021

Thank you for your response. 

Zenith 13TCA-2

The lever on the carb is at 90degs to the carb flow. The operating lever is as attached. I did purchase a cable with identical lever from a 43s expecting it to fit......... it didn’t. 


wristpin Sat, 11/09/2021

NOTE TO MR MODERATOR.Tried to reply to this post twice and both times it has disappeared before I’d finished, so if you’ve got two half completed posts, please dump them.

The lever. I believe that pattern lever was introduced on the Atco Commodore at around 1983** - went to the regional introduction at Tunbridge Wells Cricket Ground !  By that time I think that the Zenith was being  phased out, so it could be that your machine has always had an adapted cable as there may never have been a stock item correct at both ends .........

.......or  I could be completely wrong !

** EDIT. The mower ID label in your later post shows a 1982 E suffix. 


DJD Sat, 11/09/2021

I've got Central Spares ones on a shelf somewhere, also  some used ones, I'll see if I can find the part number from my parts books, have you a date or maker's plate or transfer etc. to help identify machine more exactly?

Gnasha Sun, 12/09/2021

I did purchase a cable with identical lever from a 43s expecting it to fit......... it didn’t. 


Looking at the manual, it says cable for 43DL is L22989, this may well be obsolete

wristpin Sun, 12/09/2021

Time that you gave us an image of the carb showing both where the outer cable abuts and where the inner anchors. Let’s try to end this guessing game.

wristpin Sun, 12/09/2021

L22898 - My usual supplier says no stock but not obsolete. May well be obsolete or they may just be a bit slow in updating their system - C you know!


The date code E on your label is 1982. At that time the engine would be an A98 - an early one with an air vane governor and later engine  with an internal mechanical one. They would probably require specific throttle cables : hence the need to know exact set up  - what type of governor have you got?

Gnasha Mon, 13/09/2021

Thanks again for your support.

It is a A98 with an air vane governor and electronic ignition. Please see attached the requested photo of the throttle cable attachment at the carb, with the current method of attachment, sorry about the size. If all else fails, I had thought of cutting the cable and crimping/soldering something to replace the ball stop. Have you seen or had any success with the alternative method?

wristpin Mon, 13/09/2021

All is revealed - hopefully.  I think that you have been mislead by a previous bodge using what someone had around at the time.

A standard F016L08934 (Central spares 12548) is probably all you need.