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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


Despite it being low down on the list of things I intend to do (ha ha), I've been browsing for various bits related to the Allen Scythe and being astonished (again - happens every time) as to what is out there - new instruction plates for sixty year-old engines, anyone?

The thought occurred to me - I have three transfers on my fuel tank, one I assume is a logo, one is instructions, and the third is the dealers logo. Funnily enough the last is, to me, the important one as my Mum worked with one of them, but neither of the others are on the club listing. How do other people go about getting transfers created? Bear in mind at this point that I suffer from art failure, please!


wristpin Sun, 05/09/2021

You will find that “Titch” at Machinery Decals can re create art work and produce decals like the original - not just by vinyl stickers. Not expensive either.


OLC Shop Sun, 05/09/2021


First of all I'm glad to see that you use the term ' transfer ' as opposed to the apparently trendy and, to me, dreadful ' D ' word, which seems to have crept in from somewhere else. For anyone who doubts the veracity of the word transfer in relation to the Club Shop, I recommend The Concise Oxford Dictionary !

The Club Shop does have an Allen logo up it's sleeve which was offered as a trial, along with a number of others, at the last Annual Rally. I did not add it to the catalogue afterwards as there was apparently no great interest. And of course an Allen Scythe might not be regarded as a lawnmower, which is really what we are supposed to about.

Thanks to to the efforts of our current supplier/printer we are able to produce new replica transfers more economically than has been the case in the past. So far this year we have added three or four new items to the catalogue, the latest being a complete set for the Qualcast Commodore. The critical factor in all this is having enough of an original example to photograph and work from. When I say original I don't mean an earlier recreation that may well be full of errors. Our aim is to provide quality, carefully crafted reproductions, as accurate as we can can get. To that end we review, and if desirable, rework our transfers when they need re-stocking.

I know that there are some people who regard our self-adhesives as being in some way inferior to water- slide transfers but they have a number of advantages, which may not be immediately obvious. Durability and colour fastness are two that spring to mind. In fact I believe I am right in saying that our type of transfer has been used by manufacturers generally for about the last sixty years. Our printer uses a machine that is forty/fifty years old so our transfers do have a genuine authenticity.

Since the start, the availability of transfers in the Club Shop has been driven by demand. If Members request something and it is practical to make a decent job of it, we will do it. With our current set up, numbers are not so much of an issue though it would always be better to do something that is likely to be popular.

OLC Shop Mon, 06/09/2021

As Wristpin has mentioned him I would add that it is Titch at Machinery Decals who produces all our transfers. Potential customers might like to bear in mind that although Titch charges a very good price anyway, they will benefit from an even keener price through the Club Shop owing to our ongoing volume of business.

This is similar to the Club's arrangement with Garfitts for bottom blades and cutting cylinders, but please contact Richard Jones for that.

Adrian Mon, 06/09/2021

Thank you - I've been discussingn this over the day with Keith, and it looks as though I will be bringing the tank off my Allen Scythe to the rally...