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Villier midget Mk1 crank removal.

Have a Mk1 midget, 1952?

Trying to remove clutch dog so can remove crank from case.

Is this a standard RH thread and just requires more force to remove it?

Anyone with info on successfully removing it?


wristpin Thu, 26/11/2020

I think that there was a thread on this subject a while back but it has a RH thread so that the direction of engine rotation does it up. Warm it up and with a soft steel drift against one of the lugs, give it a sharp smack.* Not wise to attempt to unscrew it while holding the other end as there is a risk of twisting the three piece crank.

* EDIT the action of being screwed on forces it onto a taper - hence the need for a bit of a shock to get it moving.