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Villiers midget 2 stroke mix


I have mixed a modern red 2 stroke mineral oil with a 25:1 mix in my villiers midget.

It starts and runs ok, but oils the plug.

Should I decrease the amount of oil maybe  to a 32:1 mix?

I did try using a 4 stroke SAE 30 mineral oil. The engines would not start so am guessing this oil has an additive to stop it from burning?

Any recommendation on makes or brands of oil would be gratefully received. I wondered if anyone uses anything from RYE Oils in Kent? as they stock a range of vintage oils.

Thank you


wristpin Thu, 06/06/2019

I believe that the original mixing ratio was 16:1 using a straight SAE30 oil.  On a two stroke, crankcase sealing is as important as cylinder compression . Air ingress around worn plain crankshaft bearings can be an issue on older engines which is why I stick to “ thick” vintage two-stroke oils from Millers or Morris Lubricants , rather than “thin” modern semi or fully synthetic oils.

Rye is in Sussex. No experience or recommendation regarding Rye Oil’s products.



Series3boy Thu, 06/06/2019

Thank you

Yes silly me Rye is in Sussex.

Where to you buy your 2 stroke oil from?

Thank you for your help.

wristpin Thu, 06/06/2019

Mail order from Millers or Morris Lub . Also plenty of fleebay sellers.

Series3 . Is there an oil connection there?