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Villiers midget engine


I just wondered what oil people use in their Villiers midget engines. I have been using Miller's class 2t oil. Which seems to work better then modern mineral 2 stroke oil. 

Has anyone used casterol XL 30? Or casterol XXL just wondered what results people have had?

I tried a modern saw 30 no detergent oil and the engine would not start as I guess a modern oil will not burn?

Any advice appreciated as always.



wristpin Mon, 01/06/2020

In the days when your Midget was current the recommendation was a straight SAE 30 or 40. In fact many of the fuel caps with the built in measuring cylinder also had the recommendation for Castro’s stamped into them.  Even in the 1960s Flymo recommended the use of Flymoil as a mixer for the Aspera and Kirby Lauson  two strokes in the original hover mowers;  and Flymoil was a straight SAE 30.

Certainly  nothing wrong with the Millers mixer but basically it is an SAE 30 or 40. I have always been an advocate of “ old oil for old engines”  as it seems to give a better result in engines such as early Villiers two strokes that just relied on plain bush bearings with no lipped seals etc.

Of course, wharf has changed is the chemistry of the fuel . First the withdrawal of lead and now the addition of ethanol, plus various additives to suit fuel injection systems etc.  I would hesitate to blame modern  straight 30s for your issue , possibly more down to modern fuel and an age related gradual loss of crank case sealing and bore wear etc.

villiers98 Sun, 14/06/2020

I use cheap mineral 2 stroke oil of whatever make I have to hand and have had no problems in 30 years. I had used straight 30 oil years ago but it just made more smoke .  Haven't had to de coke any of the 2 strokes I use regularly in more than 20 years- not even the exhaust and that is on 4 different ones.  Oil technology has certainly moved on- even basic stuff