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Where to buy clutch friction plates 3.5" Atco 14

So I've got the old girl back together, backlapped the blades and got her running beautifully but the clutch slips :slapsforhead:

I've had a good look on ebay and I searched on here but I can't find what I need.  They are near as dammit 3.5" OD on the dogs.

I can find bigger ones on ebay and the like but not the ones I need.

Grateful for a link to somewhere.




wristpin Sun, 04/08/2019

What Atco 14” do you have? The reason for asking this is because on some machines the clutch plates get blamed when the problem lies elsewhere. May not apply to yours but let’s have a look - images please.

Jeffers_S13 Mon, 05/08/2019

Hi Wristpin, 

It's this one.  Did you want close up images of the clutch assy?


wristpin Mon, 05/08/2019

With the engine removed look at the end of top shaft. I think that you will see a small slot headed countersunk screw and a matching washer . Make sure that it is in place and tight as it is what stops the clutch basket and plates from moving away from the pressure plate when the clutch is engaged.

Also, when the clutch is engaged make sure that there is a couple of mm gap between the lever and the withdrawal plate.