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Which oiler for a Ransomes Marquis, Minor and Mercury?

I need to obtain an oiler for my Ransomes machines. I understand that Tecalemit produced some for the Ransomes machines but can't find a model number anywhere or a close up picture of what I should be looking for.

Does anyone have a model number or even a close up picture of the oiler end that fits onto the oil nipples?

Ebay has many on offer but they are all referred to as grease guns - either because they are grease guns or the seller isn't aware that they could be oilers.




wristpin Wed, 21/04/2021

Time for a thesis on the N word, or lubricators, if you wish.

In many cases on classic Ransomes machines the original straight nipples will have been replaced with the more current snap-on nipples - except those in the rear rollers, which , I believe are pressed into the roller hubs and not screwed. I have never tried to remove or do the swap which would also involve enlarging the access holes through the roller shell to allow entry of the later snap-on type connector. 


Modern UK snap-n (small S! )


Typical of those on older Ransomes and others


Selection of grease and oil applicators.

From left to right. A Swiss made Wanner, with a snap-on connector, the R-R of grease guns in its day.

Then a Tecalamit with a push connector for older style "straight" nipples. Not sure of their correct name but as yet I have failed to find a source of supply. Even the so called Nipple Shop is unable to help. This gun came with the tool kit for a Boss fork truck , has plenty of capacity and fits through the access holes in Ransomes rollers. No identifying script on the cap other than Tecalamit.

Then a Wanner oil gun. Brilliant but the nozzle is too large for the access holes in Ransomes rear rollers.

Then a Tecalamit that came with a Ransomes Ajax. It has an alloy screw on cap with labelled Tecalamit, a patent number 729915 and a Cat No GB2802. it will do Ransomes rear rollers. 

Finally another Tecalamit or copy of. Plastic cap and no script. 

The business end of a gun for the Ransomes pattern straight nipples 

RedLeader Wed, 21/04/2021

A very helpful post there Angus - I too am currently trying to source a suitable oil gun for my Ransomes Marquis machines. 

In your picture 'Selection of grease and oil applicators' - the second one from the left, the Tecalemit that fits the Ransomes pattern oil nipples - although nothing other than the brand name on the cap, are there any markings at all on the nozzle? I ask because I bought a Tecalemit advertised as a grease gun, in the hope of using it for oil. Although the nozzle on the end is concave and fits the newer style snap-on lubricators, it's no good for the Ransomes shape as it's far too big. If the nozzle on yours has a part number I could try to source a nozzle, which would allow me so swap nozzles to cover both types of lubricator. It's not very good at retaining SAE30 oil and leaks quite a bit, so I keep it upright in a tall jar, but would hopefully be up to the job if i could find an alternative nozzle for the end

wristpin Wed, 21/04/2021

I’ll have a look in the morning. I also have another Wanner trigger gun type that I fitted with a Ransomes Type nipple connector. I haven’t used it for ages so it will take some digging out of the surplus tools box. There was a guy who used to have a stall at the village classic car show and would nearly always have a Wanner or two , most with something broken or missing but he was always good for a deal .

The Wanner that I’ve never seen either new or used was the trigger gun version with a larger reservoir. Remember seeing the advertisement for it in Motor or Autocar  back in the late 50s but never seen one in the metal.



djg745 Wed, 21/04/2021

Thank you Wristpin for the detailed reply. I will need to look at my Ransomes machines to see what n's I've got.

I have two Wanner grease guns as in your photo - I had no idea they were considered the RR of grease guns, both mine came via local Freecycle!