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Dennis Z-type restoration

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and have recently been restoring my grandfather's old Dennis Z-Type 30 inch cylinder mower. I've completed the majority of the restoration but I need to source replacement blades for the cylinder, replacement cutter bar and the countersunk bolts (I believe Whitworth thread) to secure the cutter bar as I had to weld hex nuts on these to remove them. I have contacted Dennis and I can get hold of a new cutter bar (apparently the design of these hasn't changed after all these years!) but I'm told that all other parts are obsolete.

The existing blades unbolt from the rotors on the cylinder but are badly rusted / not straight and have been welded in places. I have sand blasted an re-painted the remainder of the mower so this really is the last piece of the puzzle before I can hopefully start to use the machine again. The mower is a bit of a family heirloom and I'm told it was manufactured in 1938. I'm hoping to be able to get it up & running while my gramp is still around.

I'm hoping someone on here might be able to steer me in the right direction before I try and get replacements fabricated somewhere else.

I've included some photos of the cylinder for reference.

Thanks in advance for any help!



wristpin Tue, 16/06/2020

I have my Dad’s 30”Z bought new at about the same time.  We fitted new spirals to the cylinder in around the early 60s. Worth asking Garffitts about replacements.