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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Webb whippet

Replace chainJust fished backlapping on webb whippet. Gone to refit chain and can't. 

How do I do it without upsetting blades setting, now sharpened?


wristpin Fri, 25/02/2022

Not sure what’s going on there but I suggest that you remove the connecting link and then lay the chain around the sprockets and see how it looks. In passing, it’s normally considered good practice to fit the clip on the joining link with the closed end in the direction of rotation.

moorcroftman Sun, 27/02/2022

Thankyou for helping .I found how to adjust by reading an old manual.

Having backlapped the whippet  Iam struggling to get the blades to cut and allow the land rollers to move backwards ax we'll as forwards.


If I adjust to get land roller movement both ways  the cutters miss the bottom blade and just tear.

wristpin Mon, 28/02/2022

Not being familiar with your machine nor having it in front of me it’s a bit difficult to envisage what’s going on. Can you copy and paste the section of your “old manual”?  I think that the first step is to remove the chain and set the cutting cylinder to the bottom blade so that it just cuts copy paper cleanly without binding. With that achieved, refit the chain and adjust it ( via the landroll ? ) with a little slack so that it runs smoothly. 

moorcroftman Mon, 28/02/2022

Yes I will .Thankyou. I think I need to slacken the chain , also. Sorry the bit is missing at end of document.Service instructions Webb whippet

wristpin Mon, 28/02/2022

All is revealed - as they say. Well, not quite as it’s not immediately apparent to me whether the chain can be adjusted without upsetting the blade adjustment - can only assume that it can. Probably more obvious with the machine on the bench!