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Parts for Ransome Twenty Four

Hi just finished my Ransome Twenty Four engine overhaul. Ive come to start it and the recoil spring has come loose and buckled.

Where can I find a replacement?   Ive tried George Shead but his site appears to be shut? L&S Engineers nothing.

I also want a set of wooden rollers or the sizes to make my own.

Thanks for reading this.


wristpin Thu, 17/03/2022

Presume that you have a Villiers F15 with Villiers own recoil unit; either three or four leg. I wanted a. Spring recently to build up an exchange unit and George sent me the wrong spring and L&S an image of a very second hand looking one that appeared to have been rewound inside out. Expected me to pay for it on spec and see if it would do. I declined. L&S seem to be out of their depth on Villiers stuff.

People used to whinge  that Meetens Paul was a bit pricey but he had the knowledge and the stock. That was worth he price tag.

Ransomes Twenty Four front rollers. The two outer ones are  the same as on Marquises, MBA4357Z. 3” long and 2.3/16” in diameter - I make them 2.1/4”. I don’t have a pattern for the middle ones but they fill the space between the outers with washers between all.

Gnasha Fri, 18/03/2022

Thank you for the response.

Yes it is a 4 leg original Villiers recoil unit.

Paul Meeton has closed down and transferred all his stock to L&S.

L&S say they have no Viliers recoil springs.

George Shead's site is unavailable (error 404) for what ever reason

Ebay  zero Villiers pull starters

Villiers services, say they are mainly motorbike suppliers.

I'm struggling now.......................................any further help/suggestions would be much appreciated.

wristpin Fri, 18/03/2022

I’m very surprised that Paul didn’t have springs for your starter  (87-1766) . However from the conversations that I’ve had with L&S, I’m not sure that they know what they have. 

When George is back on line don’t expect to get one from him as the one that he recently sent me was not correct  and, at that time, he had nothing else to offer.

On the brighter side, if you have not managed to straighten out your damaged spring it won’t be too big a job to improvise one using a readily available one , annealing the ends and forming two hooks. 

Mowing Wurzel Sun, 20/03/2022

It certainly is becoming difficult now to buy some new engine parts for machines made in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Like Wristpin,  I too have felt annoyance of buying parts (from various source’s) and then when they arrive, the parts being the wrong one, not as described or simply second-hand sold as new!

E.g., Buying Main’s as STD and finding them 0.010” undersize   or Buying Piston Rings as STD and finding not the correct sequence or different oversizes!!!

Certainly, when stock has passed from one closed down company to another, parts may not be in the correct boxes (I too have found!) So the person doing a stock take, would have the best intentions, but misled by the wrong boxes!

One also has to beware of what the storage conditions of “New Old Stock” is, i.e.  Big End & Main’s shells corroded / water damaged, despite being packed in corrosion resistant paper.

Lots of companies and Garden Machinery Dealers just threw out all the old British Engine parts when B&S and Honda came along, so we must be thankful for those taking the time to keep old stock parts.

A Few years back the Wonderful L&S had some new JAP 4/3 stock, barrels, pistons, con-rods, cranks, etc which was perfect for a rebuild I was doing (and all reasonably priced!)  So, thanks to L&S and their 51 years of sterling service meant I was able to complete my engine rebuild to “new standard!” 

When making an enquiry with L&S, they certainly do their best to rummage around to find what you need, and advise accordingly.

Companies continuing to sell “old new” stock parts, often with minimal financial benefit, but as a service to the enthusiast are certainly helping the vintage movement, and are to be congratulated.

DJD Mon, 21/03/2022

Hear hear to the last comment here, storing old mower parts costs money, rent, poll tax, insurance, heating, lighting, wages etc are all why new old stock is so comparitively expensive, folk often forget this.