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Suffolk Super Colt - butterfly issue?

I just pulled out my ancient Super Colt for the first time this year, changed its oil and fired it up.  It was running great until I'd done half the lawn, when it mysteriously cut out.  After a bit of investigating, I noticed that the metal regulator (butterfly?) had fallen loose.  Pushing it back on cured the problem, until it fell off again a minute later (and every minute for the rest of the job!).

I can't remember what this used to look like and I can't find any spare parts lying on the lawn.  Has something fallen off that used to hold it in place?

Can someone offer any advice on how to fix it? Is it just an Araldite job?

Many thanks!

Butterfly fallen off and in place


Part in place


hillsider Mon, 18/04/2022

You have not lost anything from the butterfly arm, the arm is normally held in place on the end of the choke spindle by the spindle being riveted over at its end. If you are very carefull you can refix the arm by removing the carb, supporting the spindle on someting solid then refit the linkage arm and carefully spread the end of the spindle by either riveting with a small hammer or alternatively a couple of strikes on a centre punch should do the trick but do be carefull not to bend the choke spindle by hitting it too hard.

If you prefer to use an adhesive my advice would be to degrease the spindle and the arm thoroughly and use a product called J-B Weld Higher Strength Formula.

DJD Mon, 18/04/2022

Gently peen the brass shaft over lever with a small hammer, a common fault on these machines that have had lots of use.

DFulton Mon, 18/04/2022

Fantastic - at least I know there's nothing still lost in the lawn somewhere. Will have a crack at it during the week.  Many thanks.