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Replace Qualcast Classic 35s Engine

I'm fairly handy with DIY but I know Naff all about engines. I have a Qualcast Classic Petrol 35S which I love dearly but the engine just exploded on me so I am looking to replace it.


I've found what looks like the identical model on eBay for what feels like a decent price (£40). Should I go for this and try and work out how to take the old one off myself or is this crazy diffficult and I would be better off sending it to to the lawnmower graveyard in the sky?

My lawnmower

My Lawnmower

Ebay engine

Ebay engine


wristpin Sat, 28/05/2022

Everything is easy when you’ve done it before ! Could be as simple as removing the four bolts holding your engine down , removing yours and replacing it with the spare but the label says that the carburettor needs attention. Could be the the carb just needs a clean or it might be as easy to swap the carbs. Forty quid seems quite strong for an engine with a problem but that’s your decision.