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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Atco Standard Carb

Having received my two stroke oil,i  couldn't wait to try out my Standard 16.For twenty glorious seconds it coughed and spluttered into life.I then noticed a stream of fuel coming from the blowhole on top of the Villiers carb.Dismantled,everthing appears to be in order,the float floats,all gaskets are good.Could the problem be the little fuel needle valve.As i say,everything else seems to be tickety boo.All advice gratefully accepted.I am so close to getting the old girl running,this is frustrating.Thank you.


wristpin Thu, 17/04/2014

Either wear or contamination. 

Only needs a little bit of grit or gum  to stop it sealing properly. As far as wear goes, can you see even a minute angular  "valley" in the taper of the needle?

You can try lapping the needle to the sear using very fine grinding paste or my preference , a metal Polish such as Solvol Autosol. Put a dab on the needle, enter it into the seat and spin it between your fingers with just light pressure. Then clean off all traces of paste / polish from both the needle and seat.