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Plug Gap

Hopefully this is my last question about my "refuse to start" Atco Standard 16.Reading the downloaded instruction manual(brilliant)i see that a plug gap of 1/32 inch is recommended.I have applied my very basic mathematics skills and come up with 0.031 decimal figure.Is this correct ? It seems extremely narrow.Thank you.


janbo Sat, 19/04/2014



That is correct, it is not that narrow. metric it is 0.78mm . Lots of engines have a recommended gap of 0.025 (0.5mm ) If your ignition has lost some strength due loss of magnetism you better try 0.025. 


vanjim50 Sat, 19/04/2014

Thanks for your help.Everything is ready to start,clean carb,new fuel etc,even a moderate spark from my Champion D16 plug.but it just won't fire up.I will buy new plugs and try it at 0.031.If no success i'll try 0.025.Thanks for the advice.