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Villiers Midget - Timing Mark on Flywheel

Hi there,

I recently acquired a non running Atco 14" mower from 1956 with a Villiers midget Mk1 engine. I diagnosed a duff coil so have replaced that. On re-assembly I am wondering whether the timing mark on the flywheel should line up with the fixed mark when the piston is at TDC or at the point when ignition should occur which is a bit before TDC (approx 4mm I think). I appreciate it doesn't really matter but I would be interested to find out what is correct!!

I need to get it fixed soon as my new (well 20 year old) Flymo is starting to disintegate!

Many thanks for any feedback on this.

Mark S.




wristpin Mon, 08/09/2014

I think that you will find that lining the marks up with the piston at TDC will  result in the points opening at the required  degrees BTDC . First set the correct points gap then the timing. Some, but not all , Villiers cranks have a little nick on one of the threaded ends which, when  at the twelve o'clock position, equates to TDC.