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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

A slow restore/ rejuvination of Suffolk "super"" punch 17"

As a very recent new owner of a Suffolk Punch (i have wanted one for ages), an opportunity arose to get hold of one so i bought it

 photo grassbox_zps028f8549.jpg  photo _57_zps6f3af29a.jpg  photo roller_zps67d3c408.jpg  photo stamp_zps47c3a16d.jpg

as you can see, its in a sorry state, i was told i had ran last year but was leaking fuel from the carb...

my plan is to hopefully disassemble, general clean up an get it back to its former grass cutting glory.

Im a lawn mower amateur so i apologise now for daft question in the future!


hortimech Tue, 16/09/2014

If you cut and paste the parts between 'http' & 'html' inclusive into a browser address bar, the images will appear. Not optimal I agree, but at least you can see the machine, which appears to actually be in good order, I at least have seen machines in a lot worse order. the only thing I couldn't see was just how many blades there are in the cylinder.


olcadmin Tue, 16/09/2014

I've sorted out the links so that the images show in the original post now...

wristpin Tue, 16/09/2014

That's a nice machine, especially as it has the ridged alloy rear roller rather than the more common plain steel.

When I started in the mower trade in the seventies those machines were commonplace. At winter service time  there would be a line of them in the workshop being serviced on a production line!

A couple of things that may save you some grief.

The two rods that carry the cylinder adjustment nuts are pinned through the sole plate at their lower ends. If you try to unscrew them they will shear. Drop the whole cutter unit out, remove the two shoulder bolts that the cylinder bearing carriers pivot on and then lift the cylinder and bearing carriers off leaving the rods attached to the sole plate.

When replacing the rear roller check for left to right end float and shim the left hand end to eliminate it . This will make adjustment of the roller dog clutch much easier.

I've got a similar machine awaiting attention and have just finished doing some work on a twelve inch Colt.


mudcow007 Wed, 17/09/2014

thanks for the advice/ help


i havent had a chance yet to tinker with the old girl, i had a quick look over it yesterday after work, i have found a bit of corrosion on the collector box

i think it has 6 blades? is that correct?


noticed its got wood worm damage to the rollers - more to follow

wristpin Wed, 17/09/2014


Not sure about the blade count, mine's too deeply buried to look at . Corrosion of the grass box is par for the course! Count yourself lucky that it's as good as it is!

worm in the rollers not unusual either. I've just made some new ones for the Colt using two beech wood rolling pins from a cookware shop. Not exactly the right diameter but near enough and cheap!


Sorry about the sideways on image but it's something to do with iPads and forum software!