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Atco 1970s fuel tap pieces.

I have been given a scruffy looking Atco De-luxe mid 1970 and the first thing I found was that when I put some petrol into the tank, it leaked from every fibre washer.  It looks as though it would be cheaper to replace the on/off tap but I want a brass one not a plastic one.  Where the sockets either side of the fuel on/off slide fit the cork inserts have dried out.

Could anyone please let me know if it is possible to obtain replacements for these and the fibre washers.  If it is possible I would like to obtain a full replacement tap.  Many thanks.  


wristpin Sat, 25/06/2016

Start by cleaning the contact breaker points in the magneto behind the flywheel. Can be done through the " window" in the flywheel but if badly corroded a lot easier with rhe flywheel removed.