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Suffolk Super Punch - take 2

Hello all, I last posted on here maybe 3 years ago when I was trying to get my ancient punch going.

Well, spring has sprung and im trying again.

The last time I tried to get it running, the engine was racing basically at full pelt - engaging the clutch (which was a bit hairy)

I have just stripped the carb again (Zenith 13TCA) an it looked pretty spotless.

one thing to note was air mix screw seems to be a little bent - would that effect things?

Governor spring was replaced - but unsure if its correct as seems a different length & strength from the old one. I also fitted the linkage in the slackest position on the vane etc.

Just waiting on replacement fuel hose as mine has gone rock hard - updates to follow


wristpin Fri, 09/06/2017

Said my bit in an earlier post ( post 12 on April 9th) with description and images; has now got to the stage where it needs the man on the spot to work out what's amiss . Perhaps some images of the " internals" of his starter will reveal the cause of the problem.

mudcow007 Mon, 12/06/2017

Sorry Wristpin, I had missed you bits about the recoil...

I think i figured it - quite possibly not the correct way but hey ho

remove the coiled spring from the carrier, recoil the spring so the eye fits on the dowel within the carrier. rewound the cord, when the spool is full bull on the until i felt the spring "bite" then i refitted the handle & the jobs a good un (hopefully)


I seem to be suffering from the same issue as Glencmp, carb has been cleaned an is spotless but my little punch revs its balls off so much so, when you engage drive you need to run after it - its hilarious but a tad bit dangerous with the blades spinning

Im going to check for air leaks then upload how my throttle linkage is set - no doubt i have made a schoolboy error somewhere


wristpin Mon, 12/06/2017

If it's that fast I'd be looking at the governor vane, link and spring. Post an image with the engine cowling removed .