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Webb 14" manual


I'm from Germany and a quite new owner of a Webb 14" lawn mower with Briggs 2HP engine. The engine is from 1972, the mower must be same age I guess.

The mower is in good condition, I just rebuild it.

Could somebody provide me with a pdf manual? Especially I would like to know the V-Belt dimensions.

Any chance to get a used grass box for this model???

Sorry for my English (grammar).




topgunhorse Sat, 21/08/2010

EBAY auction number 230508839641. can't be bad for £5

hillsider Sat, 21/08/2010

Hello and welcome to the Old Lawnmower Club, 

You grammar seems fine to me so do not worry about that. Re the Webb drive belts do you have the old belts? if so you could try taking them to a company near you that sells bearings and oil seals etc they often sell drive belts and chains also and they may be able to match them for you.

If you explore this site you will find information in club information /links that could also point you in the direction of some people who may be able to help with parts, although they will be based here in the UK.

Good luck