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atco royal b30


I am restoring a 1987 atco royal b30 ,I am now trying to connect the throttle cable mechanism under the carb to the vertical rod  which goes from the end of the throttle cable to the top of the carb.

There are two seperate rotating plates connected by a spring.

Does anyone have a photo or diagram of how this is connected  , I have hummed and harred about it for hours and cant work it out.

It was connected when I got it and it worked ,but on changing the tank to carb gasket it pulled apart.

I know it is in an awkward position but would appreciate any help.

Thanks Paul Leslie



hillsider Fri, 27/08/2010

Hello Paul,

If you can tell me the make of engine fitted to you mower I may be able to help by taking a picture of the linkage fitted to the Atco Royal that has just been acquired by the cricket club that I help out. I don't know anything about the machine (yet) but I do know that it has a Tecumseh engine fitted to it. 


Ray Hogben.

paulleslie Sat, 28/08/2010

hi thanks

Unfortunately it is a briggs and stratton engine model 130217 ,type 3048.01 ,however you never know linkage from engine to throttle on carb  may be similar .Many thanks .

So if you can post the pic

 best regards Paul leslie

hillsider Sat, 28/08/2010

Hello Paul,

I shall have look on Tuesday when I have to go to the cricket ground and take a pic or two. In the meanwhile I dont know if you have one already but I have looked up your engine on the Briggs  and Stratton website and there is some details of throtle cable adjustments etc. Hopefully the link will take you the web page where your will see two operator manuals and a parts manual that you should be able to open up.

Good luck,


paulleslie Sun, 29/08/2010

thanks Ray

I have this parts diagram,but there is a unique connection between the end of the throttle cable attached to the lawnmower and the engine .I`ll post a few pics


hillsider Thu, 02/09/2010


Hi, I have now seen the linkage fitted to our machine and the terminatation of the cable seems to me to be completely different to that fitted to a Briggs and Stratton carb. I did however take a couple of pictures to post for you so that you can see for yourself the arrangement used for the Tecumseh engine.

Apologies that they have not loaded in the order that I intended but this is my first attempt at this.





paulleslie Thu, 02/09/2010

Thanks for all your trouble Ray ,as you say the connection is different though,but its nice to know club members can be so obliging.

If anyone else has the answer I would welcome any further correspondence.

Thanks again Ray.

  Paul Leslie

hillsider Fri, 03/09/2010


That's ok, from what I have seen I would think that your missing link is of Briggs and Stratton origin. I have looked at some of the parts lists available via the Atco parts finder and have not found anything that looks like the parts you are seeking.

Hopefully someone will pop up here and give us a clue to resolve the problem. Another alternative would be to seek the help of someone who has more experience of this model. There are a couple of links to companies to be found on this site if you look in the club information section. 

Good luck Ray.


paulleslie Sun, 07/11/2010

I have had to send the beast to local Atco repair man.He replaced the stretched governor spring and new spark plug and all is now well .


hillsider Sun, 07/11/2010

Hello Paul, 

   Good to hear that you have got your machine sorted, it was a shame that you had to resort to the local repair man but better to do that than struggle on and perhaps do damage to either the mower or your self. 

  The B30 that I have become aquainted with has now had it's new cylinder and reground sole plate fitted a few minor adjustments made to the carb changed the oil and put it to bed for the winter,  looks as though it will be a good mower for the cricket club.