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Qualcast Suffolk Punch 30 Petrol Mower Chain link

I am trying to source a manual or a single link / split link for a suffolk punch 30



can anybody advise please


dozi Thu, 08/11/2012

i should say the link I require is for the left hand side chain - roller/blade drive chain

wristpin Thu, 08/11/2012

Just take the chain to your local bearing and engineering materials supplier and they should be able to match a link to the chain. However,a problem that has arisen over the last few years is that although there is standardisation in the link pitch, roller width and diameter there have been variations in the pin diameter depending on the manufacturer of the chain so it is possible that you may not be able to match a link to your chain but have to purchase a new length of chain complete with matching link.. If that is case the chain supplier may only sell in a minumum of say, 5 metres; so then go to a decent garden machinery repairer who will probably sell by the metre from his bulk supply - I used to keep rolls of all popular sizes and sell in that way.